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August 31, 2020
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I🛑STOP Checking The Scale Everyday!
🙏🏽I’ve been preaching this to clients for years.
You don’t need numbers to dictate your worth or how you feel.
I understand it can keep you accountable to a certain extent, but that’s not going to be sustainable. There’s other ways.
😱I understand it can be scary to put the scale away and not have it there to “keep you on track”. However, I want you to try it for a month. Put the scale away and base your results on how you feel and the way your clothes fit. You can tell you’ve been eating/ drinking like 💩 by how you feel. It’s time to give up the scale Nitro Fam and focus on your overall health like sleep, better nutrition habits, hydration and consistently being physically active.
Here’s 4 reasons why you should stop checking the scale everyday:
❌It’s A Trigger: Seeing a “good” number can make you feel happy while seeing a “bad” number can trigger feelings of shame and anxiety, affecting your whole day. This may cause emotional eating cause you feel unmotivated and want to give up.
❌Negative Mindset: Being hung up on the number on the scale can lead to obsessing about food, your body, lower self-esteem, negative body image, repeated weight loss and regain, eating disorders and more.
❌ Controls You: Whether you liked your weight or didn’t, it can define your day. The scale can dictate your self worth & self esteem unfortunately for some. A bad weigh in day may cause you to act differently in social settings and cause bad eating habits like depriving oneself or binging.
❌ Not A Reliable Method For Monitoring Health: The scale will 100% fluctuate during the day and it can not tell how healthy you are. Here’s some factors that change your weight: 1) Hydration & Fluid Balance💦 2) Poohing 💩 3) Hormones * especially woman 4) Muscle Mass * may increase weight.
🤔Final thoughts: STOP letting the scale dictate the way you feel and how you live your life. Set yourself free from the scale fam!!! It’s an amazing feeling to just live and listen to your body. Build healthier relationships with food and work on making lifestyle changes first.

❤️Make it a lifestyle. You’ll have results for life.

- Ninko Pangilinan

June 19, 2020
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Stop comparing yourself to others! We’re all awesome 👍🏽👍🏽
❌Social media can have huge effects on our mental health. We always compare ourselves to other people on Instagram, Facebook, etc. In reality, for some, these are false depictions of ones life. We’re only seeing specific moments that have been captured, filtered to look better and should not influence our self-esteems. But it does. It’s hard not to compare bodies, make up, money, travels, workouts, careers, food, kids, and the list goes on! It’s hard not to think this is really how the life of our friends and idols looks like. ⁣⁣
❌A lot of us are always seeking external validation. We’re operating on the opinions of others. Trust me, I’ve caught myself a couple times doing things because I’m afraid to hurt someone’s feelings or I do something to impress others. This can lead to misunderstandings and problems down the road.
✅ Life gets so much better when you stop doing things because of someone or something, and you do it for yourself. Using people and things for motivation is great and all but you still must do it for yourself. I found that doing things because I personally believe it’s right in my heart and it’s what I want to do, that I should do it and feel no ways about it. I try my best to be genuinely happy for everyone, to be positive, and to not compare myself to them or compare them to others.
During covid, I realized I compared myself to others a lot, kind of lol. I can’t help it! I’ve been competing with others in my head from when I was a kid. Doesn’t matter what it was. So in essence, I technically was always comparing myself to others. Maybe I’m being hard on myself, but at least I know and will try harder to strictly do it for myself! You’re not going to change over night. It takes time and lots of practise.
✅Stay true and committed to bettering the person staring back at you in the mirror. It’s never too late to change the way your story ends.🙏🏽❤️

- Ninko Pangilinan

May 21, 2020 
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Weight Loss For Beginners💜
1) You have to be in a caloric deficit. It’s as simple as that. This can be done through a combo of making better food choices, substituting sugary drinks with water and adding more physical activity into your life.
2) Staying consistent is the only way to make progress. It can take weeks before you notice any changes so be patient. And remember, don’t just focus on the results from your scale.
3) Perform physical activity daily. This can be a mix of walking, HIIT, weight training and/ or flexibility exercises. Don’t be afraid of weight training, trust me, the muscle will help you lose weight more efficiently and show once the fat goes down. Make sure you incorporate weight training at least twice a week for optimal results and practise the principle of progression to avoid hitting plateaus. Muscle burns more calories at rest and makes it easier to bounce back from a bad eating day/ week much faster.
4) You could train your abs 5 times a week and have the best abs in the world but if they’re covered by fat, nobody is going to see them. A walk in the park would actually get you a 6 pack faster than endless situps will. Caloric Deficit = Fat Loss
5) We can’t choose where we store fat. You don’t lose arm fat by doing bicep curls. You build muscle there instead. Fat loss is a result of a calorie deficit. If you notice your not losing much of the fat on your belly, that is determined by your genetics but it can be removed through a little more hard work.
6)The scale isn’t everything. Use photos, old clothes and most importantly how you feel as indicators that your getting better.👊🏽

- Ninko Pangilinan 

May 22, 2020

Are you exercising & eating “healthy”, and still feel like you don’t like the way your stomach looks or most importantly how you feel?
Certain foods & beverages may be holding you back from reaching your true potential.
Some foods have been shown to cause inflammation in your body, which may promote the growth of unhealthy gut bacteria that are linked to many chronic diseases. Avoiding processed junk foods, alcohol, sugary beverages, refined oils, and artificial sweeteners may aid the growth of healthy gut bacteria. Cutting out foods containing gluten or common stimulants of digestive symptoms may also help.
The following list contains foods that may harm healthy gut bacteria, as well as some that are believed to trigger digestive symptoms, such as bloating, constipation, and diarrhea:
* Wheat-based products: bread, pasta, cereals, wheat flour, couscous, etc.
* Gluten-containing grains: barley, rye, bulgur, seitan, triticale, and oats
* Processed meats: cold cuts, deli meats, bacon, hot dogs, etc.
* Baked goods: cakes, muffins, cookies, pies, pastries, and pizza
* Snack foods: crackers, muesli bars, popcorn, pretzels, etc.
* Junk food: fast foods, potato chips, sugary cereals, candy bars, etc.
* Dairy products: milk, cheeses, and ice cream
* Refined oils: canola, sunflower, soybean, and safflower oils
* Artificial sweeteners: aspartame, sucralose, and saccharin
* Sauces: salad dressings, as well as soy, teriyaki, and hoisin sauce
* Beverages: alcohol, carbonated beverages, and other sugary drinks

📝Sources: The Leaky Gut Diet Plan: What to Eat, What to Avoid
Written by Ryan Raman, MS, RD on October 29, 2019 & Influence of Diet on the Gut Microbiome and Implications for Human Health. Rasnik K Singh et al. J Transl Med. 2017.

- Ninko Pangilinan

May 23rd, 2020
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Hey Nitro Family, here’s a helpful strategy that I personally use to help me stay on track on days I know I’m going to have 1 really big fattening meal or just a night out/ in drinking & eating whatever I want in a “guilt-free” way. This applies to social events like weddings, baby showers, family gatherings, “cheat meals”, and much more!
Simply enjoy 2 meals high in protein, low in calories and your 1 big meal. It’s also helpful to push back your first meal of the day to later on (e.g “skip breakfast”) so that you’re more easily satiated during the day. Stick to 0 calorie beverages like water, coffee & tea before that first meal.
So for example let’s say your calorie requirements are currently at 1500 calories. Consuming a #herbalife smoothie w/ mixed berries is 250 calories, a chicken breast salad can be as low as 250 calories (no cheese and very little dressing), which leaves you with a solid 1,500 calories for your event/ “cheat meal”as well as a ton of room to fit in higher fat foods. You can adjust your calories according to your personal goal and always be mindful of how much alcohol you consume. Those alcohol calories can quickly add up and also hinder you from physical activity the next day (hangover effect).
Eating like this on days you know you’re going to over consume is amazing because you don’t feel restricted at all & best of all, you’ll stay on track with fitness and weight loss goals. I’ve been doing this for years now and I find its amazing because you keep that drive and momentum to keep going without feeling so demotivated because of weight/ fat gain (caloric surplus).

Ninko Pangilinan

May 24, 2020
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People are living longer than ever today!❤️
Let’s take a look at the diets of the 2 longest living countries in the world! The Japanese🇯🇵 (86 years) have been on various life expectancy charts as either 1 or 2 in the world with the other country being Monaco 🇲🇨 (89.4 years).
Let’s take a closer look at both of these countries main diets and hopefully we can take something away from them.
🇯🇵The Japanese diet 🍣:
The traditional Japanese diet is a whole-foods-based diet rich in fish, seafood, and plant-based foods with minimal amounts of animal protein, added sugars, and fat. It's based on traditional Japanese cuisine, also known as “washoku,” which consists of small dishes of simple, fresh, and seasonal ingredients.
🍚 These are the seven pillars of the typical Japanese meal:
* Rice.
* Noodles (ramen, soba, somen, and udon)
* Vegetable including sea vegetables and daikon radish.
* Soy (soy sauce, tofu, miso,edamame)
* Fish such as salmon, mackerel.
* Green tea.
* Fruits, like tangerine, persimmons and Fuji grapes.
🇲🇨 The Monaco Diet 🐠 🌱: It’s not just Monaco that is living longer, it’s all of south Europe. These countries main diet is the “Mediterranean diet” This diet is mostly plant-based and is rich in good fats, good carbs and proteins. Here are some Mediterranean diet staples you should include in your diet today.
1. Olive oil
2. Fruits
3. Whole grains (brown rice, quinoa, oats)
4. Nuts and Seeds
5. Beans and legumes
6. Sea food
🐠 Eat: Vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes, potatoes, whole grains, breads, herbs, spices, fish, seafood and extra virgin olive oil.
🥚 Eat in moderation: Poultry, eggs, cheese and yogurt.
🥩 Eat only rarely: Red meat.
🍭Don't eat: Sugar-sweetened beverages, added sugars, processed meat, refined grains, refined oils and other highly processed foods.
Takeaway: both countries have many similarities in diets like fish as it’s main protein, no red meat, no saturated fats, no processed food, lots of veggies and fruits, limited alcohol, sugary snacks & baked goods. A good diet, active lifestyle in the older years, stress relief and lots of support is the key to living longer 🙏🏽❤️.

Ninko Pangilinan

May 26, 2020
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Hi Nitro Community! ☀️🌴
We all have different goals! Some of us want to get bigger, while majority of the clients we train want to get slimmer. To each their own. Here’s the rep ranges for different goals 💪🏽
❤️ We hope everyone is doing well and staying POSITIVE! Change your mindset about our current situation and take full advantage of this time to become better in all aspects of life! You can do it!!!

Ninko Pangilinan

May 28, 2020
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Here’s a few high protein snacks that are healthy and portable, so you can enjoy them even when you're on the go.
One of the biggest macronutrients a lot of us lack is protein!!! Especially our vegetarian clients🌱. If you want your body to start feeling harder instead of squishy, get that protein up & start working out. We need protein to help build our muscles💪🏽.
Ninko Pangilinan
June 14, 2020
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Nothing like relaxing & expanding the mind.
📚This particular book has been life changing, powerful, impactful, and refreshing: The Four Agreements by Don Ruiz.
Have you been reading more since quarantine? What other books would y’all recommend?

Ninko Pangilinan

May 29, 2020
Screen Shot 2020-11-18 at 10.15.04
Focus on creating healthy habits. STOP trying to go from point A to Z & skipping all the other letters! STOP trying to build a house in 1 day. Think “brick by brick”. Everyday get better, and by day 365, you’ll be a new person that can sustain these results & even make more goals 🥗💪🏽.
Get your mindset right first. Think, long sustainable habits versus extreme & fast. We want you to be the best version of yourself and to be able to enjoy this amazing one life we have to live. Don’t do it to impress anyone. Do it for yourself. How does exercise & eating healthier make your mind & body feel?
Real change takes time. It’s what we repeatedly do that defines who we are and how authentic our goals really are❤️.
Ninko Pangilinan
June 3rd, 2020
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😓💦Just because you sweat a lot, it doesn’t mean your burning more calories or working harder than others.
❌They’re are people who sweat when they eat, sit, walk, stretch, laugh, get nervous, and even sleep. Just like how there are fit people who never sweat, even when they workout, but will be sweating profusely from eating Indian Food 🇮🇳 or a new hot sauce 🥵. We’re all so different and sometimes only specific things make us sweat.
❌Sweating your ass off in a sauna and losing 2 pounds does not mean your burning lots of calories. It means your hot, and your body reacts by sweating. That 2 pounds you lost is all water weight that can easily be gained back once you drink some fluids.
❌ Wearing a garbage bag as you exercise to sweat more is one thing (you may enjoy training like this), but to wear it thinking you’ll burn more calories and lose more weight is FALSE. Your body is heating up more, which is causing you to sweat more😓.
🏡Take home message: Sweating more equaling to you burning more calories has been a fitness myth forever. Even though sweating does not burn more calories, it definitely feels amazing to finish a workout and be drenched. For some, sweating is a great indicator of hard work. Some will only sweat if they work at a certain intensity causing they’re body to heat up enough to produce sweat. If you want to burn more calories, focus on being consistent and your nutrition. I hope this helped Nitro Family and if you haven’t started exercising yet, it’s time to make it a lifestyle!
Nitro Lifestyle 🙏🏽


Ninko Pangilinan

June 4, 2020
Screen Shot 2020-11-18 at 10.19.12

🤔Understanding this is important when one is trying to lose, maintain or gain weight.
Here’s some examples of the above infographic. Please keep in mind 1 pound of fat = 3,500 calories.
✅ Losing 12 pounds in 60 days is essentially you being in a daily calorie deficit of 700.
❤️You’ve been the same weight for the last 5 years. For the most part, the calories you eat/ drink are the same as the calories you burn daily.
✈️ Returning from vacation 5 pounds heavier is a result of you being in a calorie surplus of 2,500 during that 7 day eating/ drinking binge. Starting with the airport food, plane food, lack of exercise, and then the unlimited drinks and foods at your all inclusive destination🏖.
🏡Take Home Message: The bottom line is that no matter how clean or how flexible your diet is currently, Calories “in” vs. Calories “out” is a mandatory component for changes in bodyweight and body composition.
✅What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments.
Please follow us @nitrolifestyle & “Nitrofam” on YouTube.

Ninko Pangilinan

May 31st, 2020
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🙏🏽You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.
❌It’s so selfish to work out and take time for yourself, isn’t it?
🤔Society has conditioned so many people to believe that they should be looking after their family, their business or career before taking care of themselves.
✅Take care of your health first and you do more for the people you love.
✅If you are positive, happy, energetic, confident and fulfilled inside of your life from putting yourself first.... those around you will be attracted to these vibes and also benefit.
🙏🏽Remember Nitro Family:
✅You can’t give others 100% when you’re not 100%. If you’re not healthy, you can’t give your all to others. This isn’t fair for anyone. Imagine being so tired or sick all the time, it causes you to miss important events in your child’s life. Or imagine not being able to reach down, crawl & play with your baby because your back or knees always hurts from physical inactivity🤔.
😱How about this, imagine not being at yours child’s high school graduation because you died of an early heart attack💔.
If you really want to make a difference, take care of yourself first.
💰Money, materials, & business means absolutely nothing if you don’t have your health.
✅It’s time to make yourself, your health (mental & physical) and make time to better yourself.
The time to start is NOW!

Ninko Pangilinan

June 1st, 2020
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With the sales of ultra-processed foods going through the roof, it’s important to remember: sugar is sneaky, and too much is horrible for our immune system!!🚨
Have you been duped by any of the above?😫
Having a little sugar here and there isn’t a big deal if you’re active and metabolically healthy. With the soaring rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes, the food current food supply has become awash in too much added sugar.
This is primarily bad because we already consume too many calories as it is, meaning there is no reason we should add empty calories from all that added sugar to our diet. Sugar has displace a lot of real food causing us to become overfed and undernourished.😰
Did you know Jam, flavoured yogurts, Instant Oatmeal, French Dressing, double double coffee, ketchup, canned fruits, wine, cereal, and many others had that much sugar? Do you think you’ve been eating too much sugar?
Credits & caption: @thefitnesshabits

Ninko Pangilinan

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