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Health Declaration

As declared earlier this week by the Ontario Government, effective Wednesday, January 5, 2022, the province of Ontario moved to modified version of its Stage 2 Re-opening Framework which dictates that many businesses must temporarily cease operations. This announcement specifically impacts the fitness industry and specifically called upon fitness and recreational sports facilities to close their doors. 


Nitro Lifestyle recognizes that the fitness industry is fast and wide ranging in its offerings and that many individuals rely on these facilities not solely for recreation but for the preservation of their physical  and mental health. 


As such, Nitro Lifestyle will be offering qualifying members of the AODA community under the Disabilities Act the ability to continue to utilize the services provided within under modified restrictions. It is written in the government legislature that in the event of a lockdown, anyone who qualifies under the Disabilities Act (AODA) is allowed to train in a fitness facility.


During shutdowns, Ontario law permits fitness facilities to be open legally in order to save persons who experience a disability, or identify as a member of the disability (aka AODA) community.* 


This includes, but is not limited to, those who have permanent or temporary conditions or injury, and those with physical and/or mental health concerns both new or prolonged. This includes, anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, concussion recovery, recovery from injuries both new or prolonged, physical disabilities, etc. Members of our community who fit this definition can return to Nitro Lifestyle if they have written instruction from a qualified related health professional (physician, nurse practitioner, Chiro, Physio, etc.) and when the physical therapy is not available elsewhere. 


Though letters from a regulated health professional are required to access their service, please know that these letter are confidential and are not required to be seen by staff, bylaw or public health as it is a breach of Human Rights under the AODA. 


The full definition of disability under Ontario law is found at: 

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