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The Lifestyle “Diet” is a nutrition plan that can help all ages and fitness levels to live longer and feel younger. The Blue Zone Centenarian ways of the Japanese is the core of the program, and with consistency, this Nutrition Plan is guaranteed to work for you. The “Diet” requires you to consume more water, green tea, to eat fruits or veggies daily, choose tofu, beans, or fish as the main protein source, have less rice for dinner, less bread, less sweets, and to overall consume inflammatory foods or drinks in moderation. You don’t need to cut out meat completely or any Filipino food from your life on this plan, but you should eat them in a way that benefits you, instead of slowly killing you. Choose a healthier lifestyle before relying on expensive medications, surgeries, or unnecessary Doctor visits. Let natural God given foods like fruits, veggies, seeds, and nuts be your real medicine.


Follow the Japanese principal Hara Hachi Bu, and only eat until your 80% full. You’ll notice a big difference within days on the program. You’ll experience less bloat, water weight-loss, a tighter body, and feel healthier overall. You will learn about the Blue Zone Japanese Diet, Healthy Filipino Meals, Recipes, & Anti-inflammatory foods (Fruits & Veggies) to help you live longer. Take it one step at a time and strive to start making long lasting lifestyle changes.


Life is simple if we copied what works more instead of making up new ideas all the time. You don’t need to follow popular diets or restrict yourself from any foods to live longer and fitter. Why not simply follow what truly works to help you live your longest life in good health. Follow the 5 regions that produce the most centenarians and the tips that will increase your LIFESPAN. The longevity diet is 90 to 100% plant based whole foods. This doesn't mean that you must go entirely vegetarian, but the Japanese prove that you don't need meat every day to live a long healthy life.



BLUE ZONES: These are the regions where the most 100-year old’s can be found.

The 5 regions include: 1) Okinawa, Japan 2) Icaria, Greece 3) Sardinia, Italy

 4) Nicoya, Costa Rica 5) Loma Linda, United States.

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