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Nitro Lifestyle is more than a gym. It's a community of both in-person and online training that was established in March 2010. We are made up of members who come together to focus on one thing - to be better than yesterday.

Located in the heart of Brampton East, 15 minutes from the Toronto Pearson Airport, our unique programs are tailored to help individuals to change their mentality toward fitness goals. Instead of going for fast results, we encourage members to focus on permanent lifestyle changes versus quick fixes. We encourage members to celebrate all the non-scale benefits you get from exercise like increased energy levels, decreased pain, decreased pant size, photo progress, strength, how you feel, and much more. We preach consistency and making healthy, sustainable lifestyle changes. We educate & motivate members daily through social media posts and our online blogs. We consistently educate members on how the body changes, like weight maintenance (calorie balance), weight loss (calorie deficit), and even gaining weight/muscle (calorie surplus). 


- Private Boutique Studio

- State Of The Art Functional Equipment

- 2 Washrooms/ Changerooms

- Water Fountain

- Hand Sanitizer At Every Doorway And Table


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