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5 Tips To Stay On Track During The Holidays

5 Tips To Stay On Track During The Holidays

1) Be Active Everyday (burn calories): Wake up and get moving. Stretch, walk or do a home workout. Burning more calories throughout your day will allow you to eat more and maintain your weight versus eating more and gaining weight.

2) Balance Out Your Day (1 big festive meal & 2 smaller calorie meals like shakes or veggies with protein). This rule is key to continue to lose weight or stay on track. I personally like to have a 300 - 500 calorie shake and a low calorie meal like a salad with chicken breast, less than 500 calories, and then I enjoy my 1 big festive dinner with no regrets. I enjoy everything. The key for me is to limit the sweets and sugary drinks. I'll eat a 1/4 of the cake versus the whole cake slice. I personally enjoy tasting things and I'm good. For drinks, let the kids enjoy all of that!

3) Drink Water Only & Practise Mindful Drinking: Water is very crucial to our health and we need to be drinking plenty regardless of the day it is. Mindful drinking is enjoying but not over doing it. Each alcoholic beverage is approximately 90 - 150 calories. Five to ten drinks can add up well over 1000 calories and can cause calorie surplus (weight gain). Holiday drinks like hot chocolate are 100 calories and 30 + grams of sugar

4) Self Discipline Self Discipline Self Discipline!

At the end of the day, how bad do you want it? Are you going to easily give in to bad habits or challenge yourself to make the necessary changes to your lifestyle in order to get the results you want. You can show self discipline by having 1 serving of Grandmas pie versus two slices. Or having one slice of pizza versus 3. Practise self discipline Nitro Family!

5) It’s ok to mess up. It’s not ok to give up.

We're all human and make mistakes. It's important to never give up and simply tell yourself it ok and get back on track!

I hope these tips can help you Nitro Family. You can support me by simply subscribing to my families channel on youtube and liking our post. Thanks again guys!

Your coach,

Ninko Pangilinan

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