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Updated: Dec 4, 2020

November 26, 2020 I Ninko Pangilinan

The pandemic changed my views on almost everything. I'm transforming in front of my very own eyes from being a young dad into a grown man dad. The most important people in my life were right in front of my eyes and spending more time with them is my goal. I absolutely love spending time with my two kids (Nyla & Nathan) and my Fiance Abby.

Since quarantine, I no longer have a desire to prove anything to anyone anymore except myself. I don’t live to be better than anyone. Not the social media world, trainers, family members, friends, and acquaintances. Just the man in the mirror.

No need to compare to anybody else. It's not me or Nitro versus everyone like my old Nitro Gear would say. It's me versus me. Period. Goodbye to that old mindset ✌🏽. I'm focused on my family these days, working hard to adapt to this new standard, and working on my latest passion, Nitro Online.

I've learned that your mind is everything before physical and everything else. Learn to control your mind better, and you’ll be able to manage your life better. Before the books and meditation I began during quarantine, I thought my mind was healthy. I endured some serious sh*t like physical/ mental pain & trauma growing up and kept going like nothing happened. That wasn’t everything, though, because my mind was still weak in so many other ways. I took things personally, made assumptions, & made excuses. I was very impulsive, looked at my phone first when I woke up and spoke before thinking way too much.

The best part is admitting this and being as transparent with yourself as you can. I’ve accepted this. I know what I need to do to become better. And I’m pleased that real change is happening. I say real because I would say I need to do something in the past, and it was more like 60/40 on being done. I now cherish my words and speak impeccably (always speak your truth).

I’m another year older today, wiser, and my mind is more clearer than ever. Excuse my language; I feel f*cking amazing both physically and mentally. Physically I still feel like I’m 20, and mentally I’m getting stronger & wiser with each passing day.

Please be careful with whom and what you allow in your life (I’ve learned this the hard way). Energy is authentic, and learning to stay away from bad points and protect yours takes time and consistency. Practise giving your life to things that matter most to you. Period!

Be wise, take time to think and go with your heart. Lastly, stop comparing yourself to other people! You are original and unique. Be yourself. We already have plenty of clones in this world. Be you and only you. Work on your mindset every day, feed your body right and stay active. A healthier you is a better you👊🏽

I’m choosing to move forward in many ways, starting fresh, so to speak and leaving the past where it belongs. This birth year has been different, but the best one yet. I finally found Ninko. The real Ninko (Mind, Body & Spirit). I choose to keep my head high, and I’m ready to face this next chapter of life head-on. Let’s get it!

🥂Virtual cheers to the Nitro Family.

🥂Cheers to anyone else who’s mindset has changed because of covid-19 in a positive way &

🥂This last cheer is for us. Be proud of yourself. You’re still here. Still strong. You can still be who you want to be! You can always change it.

It only takes 21 days straight to make it a habit👀 (Buddhist Mentality).

Sending everyone some beautiful energy and wishing you all good health.

Thank you to @robinsharma for The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, @donkiguelruiz for The Four Agreement, @markmanson for the Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*CK and @abbygiirl for putting me on mediation🧘‍♂️. These books and mediation practise have given my life more meaning and more years!🙏🏽 Also, a special thank you to #covid19. Without you, I’m not sure if I’d be the person I am today.

- Ninko Pangilinan

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