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It's time to consider that a slow and less intense mindset towards fitness is in fact the better & healthier way. Take the process slow and understand that messing up is apart of this life-long health journey and that you need to simply get back on track as soon as possible. Overall, having the right mindset is crucial to achieving success at whatever you do. We ask our clients to enjoy the process and shift their mindset to reaching goals slowly. We want to our clients to trust the process and to understand that a slower, safer pace is better for long lasting results. We all want fast results, but that's not how it works. Sometimes taking it slow and doing it right is actually the faster way because you'll reach goals and maintain them for much longer. It's time to look at fitness & healthier eating as a daily habit like brushing your teeth and changing your clothes. Be positive and kind to yourself on this journey.

Motivation will help you get started, but discipline will keep you going. To help with this, we ask our clients to do meditation and breathing exercises. We ask clients to practise mediation daily for at least 5 minutes. 







Adding breathing exercises through meditation would be the first thing we want you to incorporate into your new lifestyle. Controlling your breath is the most significant factor in influencing your mind. Controlling your mind is the biggest factor in controlling your life.  Meditation will help you in all aspects of life from business, fitness results,  sleep, sports performance, relationships and much more. Every day you should be spending some time by yourself to meditate for at least 5 minutes, no excuses. Try doing it first thing when you wake up. Practise daily. Meditation is like exercise. It won’t work unless you're consistent.   


Learn to CONTROL your BREATH &

you will CONTROL your life better.











Steps to Meditate Daily

Try it as the first thing you do when you wake up or before you get ready for your day, or anytime you need or want more peace.


Step 1: Sit, stand or even lay somewhere quiet.

Step 2: Turn on a timer (minimum 5 minutes) and “meditation music”

Step 3: Close your eyes

Step 4: Relax mind and body

Step 5: Focus on breathing in (inhaling) through your nose and breathing out (exhaling) through your mouth. Breaths should be long and comfortable.

Step 6: Stay focused on your breathing & keep your eyes closed until the timer goes off. 

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