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Hello everyone! My name is Ninko Ocampo Pangilinan. 

I was born in the Philippines & raised in several parts of Canada from Vancouver, Toronto, Brampton and now Innisfil. I have 2 kids, I'm a travel enthusiast & I LOVE basketball. It’s my 20th year as a coach and Personal Trainer, and my 18th year owning a Fitness business (Nitro Lifestyle) in Ontario, Canada. I have a diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion, a Kinesiology and Health Sciences Degree, and several fitness certificates. I have great experiences training a variety of clients which includes kids, athletes, weight-loss beginners of all ages, postpartum mommas, seniors, handicap individuals, intermediate parents, and high-level fitness enthusiast. I believe my purpose is to help others live longer and fitter.Let me guide you to living healthier, fitter, and longer.

In the past, I had Cancer and several auto-immune disorders. I’ve survived bad car & motorcycle accidents, and I understand that no matter how much you take care of your health, tomorrow is never promised to anyone. So, I say, live your best life by living your healthiest life, the best you can. I want to use my experiences & modern Blue Zone longevity research to help others now. Despite everything I’ve been through and done, I’m just a guy who genuinely loves to live and teach the importance of a healthy lifestyle. I want to turn my education and past traumas into lessons for everyone. I’m very passionate about the longevity ways and helping others become healthier mentally & physically. I know how frustrating the fitness journey can be, what it’s like to live overweight, to start all over again, be out of shape, to be very sick, negative, & depressed. I also know that no matter what someone is going through, eating healthier & being more active is not only natural medicine, but it will raise positive energy, decrease sickness, & help improve your life. I want your positive energy and willingness to follow and share these teachings to others. I know this plan will work, and I’m super excited to see & hear about the positive impact it will have on your life.


Thank you for the support.


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