The Owner



Ninko & his family: Abby (Fiance), Nyla (Daughter) & Nathan (Son).

Ninko has been a personal trainer for 18 years specializing in weight loss, fat loss, sports athletics, and booty building. Ninko has a Diploma for Fitness & Health Promotion at Humber College and an Honours Degree in Kinesiology & Health Sciences from the University of Guelph-Humber. Ninko and the Nitro team are known for client results, energy, passion, social media presence, and motivation. Ninko was born in Bulacan, Philippines, raised in Toronto, lived in Los Angeles, Vancouver and currently lives in Brampton, Ontario.


Ninko is a Covid-19 survivor, Cancer survivor (3rd stage non- Hodgkin’s lymphoma), traumatic brain injury car accident survivor (coma), and a business survivor. Ninko is here still to help others with their health and to help others become the best version of themselves. 


“I believe I’m in this career for all the right reasons, and my passion for fitness and health while talking or training demonstrates that. I've been through a lot of hardship in my short time here on earth and I'm grateful that I have been through these experiences. Tough times make us stronger, and teaches us valuable lessons we'll need in life. My hardships have taught me that life should not be taken for granted and we should all strive to live as the best version of ourselves every single day.




I believe that we should learn how to enjoy our favourite foods with discipline and balance in order to have long sustainable results. If you enjoy the process, you'll be able to stick to it forever. We're not getting any younger, and as we get older we have to take even better care of ourselves to stay healthy and strong. This health thing is a lifelong journey. It's ok to mess up. It's not ok to give up.


I hope that my way of life and perseverance can motivate others out there to keep going and to keep fighting for what they really want and believe in."



Our vision is to be the premier lifestyle support club helping members all around the world to make physical activity and healthy eating a lifestyle in order to have long lasting results.

We strive to deliver a variety of high quality training that includes stretching, mobility, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), and strength training.

We're focused on helping members with the foundations of both exercise and healthy eating so they can learn and apply our tips to their daily lifestyle. We want our members educated and to take things slow versus the traditional non sustainable  extreme diets or exercise regimens that have no days off.

We are an elite health and wellness facility providing innovative workouts and nutrition knowledge for our community and our region. We are known for an exceptional member experience, with the highest quality fitness services.


Physical Activity is more than conventional exercise. We take clients for different activities like hiking 

every weekend.