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Ninko & his family: Abby (Fiance), Nyla (Daughter) & Nathan (Son).
INSTAGRAM: @nitrofam

Grand day!!! My name is Ninko Pangilinan. 


Call me Coach or Coach Ninko. I will be more than a trainer for you. I want you to look at me as a friend or family member helping you from the goodness of my heart. No strings attached (Virtual Fitness & Nutrition Plans are FREE). I’ve been through a lot in my short life, and I have helped thousands of individuals from 3 years to 85 years old around the world to exercise and make healthy lifestyle changes. I’m going to help motivate you and help you take care of the most important thing in your life, your health.


I'm in the health and fitness field to make our communities better by being more positive and happier. I want to make the world a better place with health & fitness. I don’t need anything in return but your positive energy and willingness to follow & pass my teachings to others. This is my calling. I am doing this because I’ve been sick with Cancer and auto-immune diseases. I’ve almost died several times. Life is precious and tomorrow is never promised. I want to use my extra chances at life to help others. This is my way of thanking God for keeping me here and alive. I want to make an everlasting impact on you and especially all my loved ones.


My team, which is three of us, Coach Jay, KP and myself will  help coach you to bettering your life and helping you reach specific goals you may have in a safe manner. Let’s focus on the fundamentals first and work our way up. We all must start somewhere, so start the right way. 


I hope you give us a try. I'm 100% positive that we can help.

Thanks for your support!



We want to help the world become mentally & physically healthier through a change of mindset, nutrition, & fitness habits. Our guidelines and coaching will help you become healthier & make positive lifestyle changes. We can help any age group with the fundamentals of exercise and nutrition. The different workouts, classes and nutrition plans are effective and garner amazing results. 


There is no end date to bettering one’s mind and body. Let’s get out of this Covid slump or any negative mindset and focus on making positive habitual changes that will last a lifetime. It’s only when you take responsibility for yourself, that you discover how truly powerful you are. Taking care of your health should be a part of your lifestyle like brushing your teeth or sleeping daily. There are many ways to reach health and fitness goals. Let us guide you to doing it the Nitro way. Which can be one way or a combination of ways. Let’s keep going until the very end.



Physical Activity is more than conventional exercise. Have you ever tried hiking?